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Why Wellness?

Due to the trials and tribulations of this New World, we are surrounded with new advances in medicine, the Coronavirus, and many new outside influences. The world needs a little of what the Old World and our ancestors have to offer.

Wellness and self care does not have to be expensive. There are little tips and tricks that you can do and out around the home to help ease the nervous system to have your own little Buddha's Corner

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Why Cannabidiol?

Cannabis and CBD have been studied and used as far back as 2727 BC!

CBD is great for joint pain, relieving stress, and helps to reduce depression. 

Cannabidiol can be either put into food, lotions, oils, or smoked 

Our Story

Buddha's Corner is a labor of love! 

This site has been

created to drive the passion of healing, quality-products, and wellness.

Originally from Northern Wisconsin,

we decided to pack up and

move to the magical Southwest.

Immersed in a new environment, the beautiful red mountains, and rich atmosphere inspired many
Mother-Daughter trips to Sedona.

This site allows us to share our knowledge and recommendations for some of the best products we can find.

*Take a look around on our next monthly Sedona adventure in case there is something that catches your eye that we can send you!


Stina Holling

~ Our interest in wellness and health stems from a long line of healers. Stina is one of our ancestors that migrated from Norway to the Midwest. She was a nurse and Midwife that helped women in need. She is always 

a part of us ~

A bit of History

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